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One of Forsythes Technology's most trusted partners is the software firm YearOne. This solid Australian company has been developing business software since 1989 and specialises in the customisation of IT to meet the individual operational needs of companies. Originally consultants for Attaché, YearOne now offers its own solutions that integrates with Attache and it can help with job and project management, CRM and quoting, time costing and billing, manufacturing and reporting, and much more.

So if you find yourself trying in vain to make your accounting or payroll system handle your operational needs, or are being swamped by multiple databases and files, YearOne could be your saviour. Their software solutions give you the tools to link everything together and find the efficiencies you need to improve how your business runs. Here are some of their offerings.


Good accounting systems and software are great for managing finances but not designed for helping your everyday operations run smoothly. Ideally you want an integrated system that looks after both sides and allows a full overview of what's going on. YearOne's Powerlink offered by Forsythes Technology lets you do this by managing the processes that are unique to your business and critical to your success.

  • Manage jobs, time, projects, production and more.
  • Create custom fields and tables.
  • Link to external databases.
  • Customise dashboards to focus on critical data.
  • Automate functions and experience immediate productivity gains.


With more and more people working from home or on the move, access to live real time data is more important than ever, if they are to do their jobs well. And this is where cloud270 helps. You can access your appointments, timesheets, to-do lists and more via your smartphone, tablet or browser. This customisable solution works with Android, iOS (Apple) and Windows Phone smartphones and tablets, or via your browser, and offers a huge range of apps to help your business thrive. Look at the benefits:

  • Mobility - access jobs, appointments, timesheets and more while on the move.
  • Data is live and updated in real-time.
  • Changes you make are instantly updated back at the office.
  • A wide range of apps, with new ones coming online regularly.
  • Highly secure, with all data staying on your local server and with full encryption.
  • Customise apps to meet the needs of your business.

Want to know more? Call the experts here at Forsythes Technology and we can tell you more about implementing a YearOne solution in your workplace.


YearOne offers a range of tools to ensure a smooth payroll process. Forsythes Technology can help you implement a YearOne solution that meets the exacting needs of your business and industry.


This is an extension of your accounting system and allows you to manage jobs, time, projects and production, and create user-friendly custom fields and tables. This is popular among SMEs, as they can automate functions they've been undertaking manually and experience immediate productivity gains.


A perfect solution for people who are out and about. This helps you to access your jobs, appointments, time sheets, to-do lists and move via your smartphone, tablet or browser. The advantage is that data is live and shown in real-time, while changes you make are instantly updated back at the office.

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