To assist with your upcoming deployment of SentinelOne, we’ve prepared some documents to assist you in managing this change.

“Internal change communications” should be distributed to your team so they understand the change that’s coming and where to go for support. The “Change Control” document is to provide further detail on the steps involved in this process and an overview of our deployment methodology. Finally, the “Pilot user” spreadsheet should be completed and attached by replying to the service ticket you received directing you to this web page. We will use these people as the first deployment group to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Further Information

Some further information on why we’re proceeding with this upgrade is below.

Most current generation Anti-Virus endpoint protection platforms rely on legacy technology to identify known threats based on threat library updates and accelerated cloud based threat feeds from 3rd parties. While the combination of known threat libraries and accelerated feeds minimised the amount of time that systems remain vulnerable, they never completely eliminate the threat of infection and platforms running traditional Anti-Virus are still vulnerable to zero-day attacks. Further to this, readily available technology enables attackers to easily modify known threats and bypass file based recognition technology.

As the technology and techniques behind endpoint and end user focused attacks evolve, organisations need to adopt more effective endpoint protection technologies. To address the need to adopt more effective endpoint protection technology, Forsythes Technology recommend organisations adopt Next Generation Endpoint Protection and Event Detection and Remediation platforms.

The SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) unifies prevention, detection, and response in a single purpose-built agent powered by machine learning and automation. It provides prevention and detection of attacks across all major vectors, rapid elimination of threats with fully automated, policy-driven response capabilities, and complete visibility into the endpoint environment with full-context, real-time forensics.

For further information, please contact your Account Manager.