Forsythes Technology is an Attaché Gold Partner. Organisations choose us for managing and optimisation of Attaché, to streamline their financial analysis, accounting and payroll functions.

  • Attaché specialists
  • Solutions for all financial workflows – accounts, reporting and payroll
  • High-performance cloud hosting or on-premise implementation
  • Ironclad security and monitoring
  • Uptime guarantees and constant updates.

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Business Intelligence

Attaché utilises the latest tools in data analytics and reporting to reveal trends and unlock greater productivity and profitability. Your team can view financial reports, KPIs, stock availability and much more from any internet-enabled device in real time, leveraging AI-driven insight.

Automate Payroll

Forsythes Technology can implement and manage an Attaché Payroll solution to automate and minimise data entry and simplify compliance. Payroll data will be automatically generated and submitted to the proper clearing houses, drastically minimising the compliance burden.

Multi-Site Connectivity

Our team includes highly-specialised IT and managed network experts. Our hosted and managed Attaché solutions can connect different departments or locations within an organisation, or even separate organisations, to the same Attaché solution with optimum performance and security.

Uptime Guarantee

If hosted in Forsythes Technology’s private cloud, your managed Attaché environment comes with an uptime guarantee so you have full confidence that your business-critical Attaché system is available wherever and whenever you need it. Our team of experts will also ensure your Attaché is always updated and running the latest functionality.

Ironclad Security

Accounting departments store a significant amount of sensitive information, so when that data is hosted in our private cloud it is protected and monitored 24/7 by cyber security experts.

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