Forsythes Technology delivers world-class 5G solutions to business and enterprise customers across Australia.

  • Wide range of 5G mobile hotspots, on-premise 5G modems and 5G failover solutions
  • Fast setup for new premises and temporary offices, at short notice
  • Unlock massive performance gains now possible with 5G
  • Access solutions from leading vendors in 5G, such as Telstra and Cradlepoint.

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Faster Performance & Capacity

The 5th generation of global wireless technology for mobile and internet services is more efficient, uses less energy and provides more advanced capabilities over previous generations of mobile technology. Performance gains include 10x faster speeds than 4G and 10x greater device capacity. This means 5G can deliver much more information through a single connection, and cope with many more high-demand devices at once.

Ultra-Reliable Low Latency

Ultra-low latency and better edge connectivity delivers higher quality and more stable audio and video communications, from on-premise staff to remote workers, and across communication platforms.

Proven Capability

For over 30 years, we have delivered industry-leading business IT and communications for organisations Australia-wide. Like 5G, all our technology solutions provide enterprise-grade performance, scalability and security.

Predictable Costs

With costs generally set on a per user per month basis, costs are predictable and scaleable, freeing up capital to invest in core business activities.