Samsung have come out swinging with the latest iteration of their flagship smartphone with the Galaxy S9.

With Apple’s iPhone X already out and in people’s hands, Samsung have decided to enter the fray with a focus on the camera.

It’s no secret that the days of owning a dedicated camera are over for many people which puts a great focus on the quality of their mobile phone’s camera. Samsung have delivered what is arguably the best smartphone camera of any brand to date in the S9 Plus. The most obvious improvement is in low light photos given that the S9’s variable aperture allows more or less light into the lens depending on the conditions. This is a new feature for smartphone cameras even though this is standard in any DSLR camera.

The display on the S9, as we’ve come to expect from Samsung, is the best display you can get on any Android device. The S9 still sports a curved display and looks incredible. A welcome change is that the fingerprint read has been moved to a more accessible location.

Another change is the upgrade to stereo speakers from the single speaker in the previous editions. Speaking of sound, unlike the iPhone X, you get a headphone jack so can you easily plug in any set of headphones without an adapter. Like just about all Android devices you also get flexibility like the ability in increase your memory through an SD card.

Another aspect we’ve come to expect in every Galaxy S iteration is the quality of design. There is no doubt that the S9 is a beautiful and well-designed device, particularly when viewed and held alongside some other Android entrants.

Lastly, the upgraded QUALCOMM processor on the S9 gives lightning performance which keeps the S9 at the top of the Samsung line up and ahead of the Android pack.

If you’d like to find out more about the S9 or plans with the S9 please get in touch with our mobiles team.