Over 190 million workers use SharePoint for intranets, team sites, document management and sharing. Here are some of the latest SharePoint features helping organisations work more effectively.

Intelligent Intranet with Home Sites

Legacy intranets with outdated features and overwhelming information can hinder your team. If you’re operating on a legacy intranet, it might be time to evolve.

The intelligent intranet delivers experiences that provide shared content and solutions for collaboration, driving employee engagement and communications, and harnessing collective knowledge by connecting people to the right content.

SharePoint home sites now give you an intelligent, integrated employee experience for your organisation, with landing sites that bring together news, events, content, conversations and video in an engaging and relevant way. Home sites are natively responsive, so they’re fast and easy-to-use across all devices.

New Employee Onboarding Hub

Onboarding new employees into the structure, processes and culture of a business is often time-consuming and can be difficult to do efficiently. From the employee’s side, the experience can also be overwhelming and ineffective if it’s not well managed, which is a risk for employee retention.

With SharePoint’s new Employee Onboarding Hub, businesses can guide new employees from their first day on the job with the resources and general information they’ll need. It also helps to connect them to the right contacts and support they’ll need.

SharePoint Migration Tool

This tool is designed to be used for migrations of all sizes – from a small set of files to a large scale enterprise migration. You define your source where the files will move from, and then select a team you own or have access to, which determines the channel you want to use as the destination.

The value of this feature is in what can be done with migrated files such as co-authoring, working in the browser with Office for the web, syncing files for offline use and more. You also now have the benefit of a chat experience side-by-side with your content powered by Microsoft Teams.

Site Templates for Schools & Universities

To help students and staff stay connected and up-to-date, SharePoint now offers site templates for schools and universities that bring together news, events, highlighted content, quick links and more. The site templates are designed to work on any device, so that students and educators can use them effectively on desktop, tablet and mobile.

The class home page templates are particularly useful. These consolidate all of the links, content and other resources for every class, every day.

Increased File Sizes

Up from 15GB, the size limit for a single file on SharePoint (as well as OneDrive and Teams) has now been increased to 100GB.

Of course when you’re uploading or syncing large files, it is recommended to use the OneDrive for Business client to take advantage of its advanced synchronisation capabilities.

Other New Features in SharePoint 2019

SharePoint 2019 has improved several aspects of the user experience. In addition to the improved interface with SharePoint home sites, SharePoint now has modern lists and libraries, allowing users to quickly perform actions with files and view information about their documents, such as permissions and metadata.

SharePoint 2019 also launched a new search experience, in which users see results as they type and the search results page offers a more compelling overview of the results grouped by type.

SharePoint Solutions For Your Business

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