COVID-19 is forcing a massive redirection in how people work.

The way we process and deliver information is rapidly moving to new modalities and cybercriminals are relentless in their efforts to take advantage of this.

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are looking to protect their organisations by modernising their security tools and the methods by which they operate. But a CISO’s job is difficult because there needs to be a balance between their Chief Executive Officer’s desire to show business efficiency and risk reduction, and the Chief Information Officer’s need for streamlined information flows.

As a result, CISOs are in the midst of a re-think and seeking to prove to their management that new investments are meeting demands for operating expenditure efficiency and risk reduction. This is where next-generation endpoint detection & response (EDR) solutions come in.

In our upcoming virtual event with Kelvin Wee, Director of Sales Engineering (Asia Pacific and Japan) at SentinelOne, we’ll be exploring how next-gen EDR accelerates incident response and threat-hunting, creating measurable value by slashing MTTR (mean time to repair), minimising downtime and reducing risk.

  • Registration to attend (see below) is essential and free
  • The event will be conducted as a 1 hour webinar
  • Date and time are TBC
  • The event is ideal for IT and Cybersecurity Managers seeking to accelerate threat response, slash MTTR, minimise downtime and reduce risk.

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