The worldwide cost of cybercrime is predicted to grow to US$6 trillion in 2021, eclipsing the global trade of all major illegal drugs combined.

Of this, the Federal Government estimates the annual cost of cyberattacks to Australian businesses at up to $29 billion.

“Malicious cyber activity is increasing in frequency, scale, in sophistication and in its impact. It’s vital that all Australian organisations are alert to this threat and take steps to protect their own networks.”

Linda Reynolds – Australian Minister for Defence (2020)

To learn more about these potential threats to your cyber assets and business continuity, as well as the solutions available to mitigate these risks, join our upcoming 1 hour Executive Briefing on Cybersecurity on 21 April 2021 at 12.30 pm.

Attendance is free and open to clients and the public, with the event tailored towards business managers and executives of small-to-medium enterprise and not-for-profits. One such attendee had this to say following a recent event:

“I found the briefing quite interesting and especially enjoyed the use of recent examples to drive the points home.”

Sudhish Nayyar – Risk and Compliance Manager, Underwriting Agencies of Australia

What’s Covered?

  • The key security risks we are seeing in the current environment
  • Cybersecurity frameworks including the best practice NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  • Who is responsible for the data your business collects?
  • How to achieve the right level of security for your business.

The Speakers

Combining 41 years’ experience in delivering technology and cybersecurity solutions for organisations Australia-wide, our events are conducted by:

  • Michael Wilson – Director and Sales & Marketing Manager
  • Cameron Davies – Director and Business Development Manager
  • Jeff Carroll – Business Development Manager.

Free Dark Web ID Scan and Security Checklist

Complimentary for attendees, we’ll run a Dark Web ID Scan on your organisation’s domain prior to the event and provide you with the resulting report, along with our 15 Point Security Checklist.

Dark Web ID Scans help identify instances where a user’s email address, username or password has been stolen and published on the Dark Web. When this occurs, it represents an increase in the threat level to an organisation.

“The value-added awareness the event provided on cybercrime was significant, let alone information about the back office systems now available to combat this growing trend.”

Peter Grimmond – Assets Manager, Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service

Register to Attend

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