Every time an employee connects to their organisation’s network from home or remotely, they could be creating access points for cybercriminals to exploit with devastating consequences.

Even with organisation-issued devices, there could be vulnerabilities in the employee’s home network configuration. These risks are of course increased where employees are using personal devices, which aren’t subject to the organisation’s security monitoring.

For advanced endpoint protection that can prevent, detect and undo any such known or unknown threats at every stage in the threat lifecycle, Forsythes Technology recommends SentinelOne, the highest rated vendor in Gartner’s 2020 Endpoint Detection and Response ‘Voice of the Customer’ Report.

To demonstrate the power of the SentinelOne platform, we have secured Kelvin Wee, Solutions Engineer with SentinelOne, to conduct a virtual demonstration for our customers and subscribers, and to answer any questions you have on this technology.

  • Registration to attend is essential and free
  • The event will be conducted as a 1.5 hour webinar
  • It is scheduled for 12 August 2020 at 12.30pm
  • The event is suitable for business managers, owners, executives and IT managers.

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