At Forsythes Technology, we’re constantly working with our customers to put in place the right technology to enable better business practices.

We help with our services ranging from traditional IT infrastructure to cloud, telephony and software development.

But do we practice what we preach?

Here are three examples of how Forsythes Technology use IT solutions to deliver better helpdesk and technical support services in Newcastle.

1. Advanced telephony for simplified customer experience

Have you ever had an experience where you called an IT support provider only to find yourself re-explaining an issue or requirement over and over? At Forsythes Technology, our phone system allows you to enter a ticket number and be connected straight through to the ticket owner on our Newcastle IT helpdesk. No more explaining to reception, no more explaining to a second, third or fourth technician – straight through to the right person first go.

2. Monitoring IT helpdesk “First Call Resolution”

Forsythes Technology monitors a wide range of KPI’s to ensure we are providing timely and accurate service and IT support. Colour coded dashboards display how we are performing in real time and are available for everybody to see and respond to throughout the day.

At Forsythes Technology we want your technology question or IT issue resolved in the first call. No more “I’ll get back to you” on simple issues. Therefore we monitor “First Call Resolution” (i.e. how many IT support issues are resolved on the first call). We do this in real-time with software rules setup in our ticketing system and this is displayed on big screens in the office, and on mobile and web for our customers. A simple solution that has facilitated huge positive change in our IT business.

3. Better Workflow Management with SharePoint

We are constantly striving to be more efficient in-house so we can help more customers with what we do best. One way we do this is by automating administrative workflows such as leave request forms, expense forms, purchase requests and more. The less time we spend here, the more our IT support team can do out in the field for our customers.

To achieve this, our Newcastle developers used Microsoft SharePoint to build some custom forms and workflows that all staff can access through any web browser or mobile phone.

For example, if a staff member needs to purchase IT equipment, they can quickly log a purchase request online or via mobile, have that purchase request flow through to the correct person in finance (taking into account who is available) and then be quickly approved and sent back to the requester.

Microsoft Workflow Approvals | Forsythes Technology

Afterwards, all of the details are easily accessible online, which means no more digging through emails months later for an audit trail.

Those are just three ways Forsythes Technology have used IT solutions in our business to provide better IT support services to our clients. Have a chat to our team to discuss what technology solutions are available to help you become more efficient, productive and effective in the market place.