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Your Implementation Consultant will be your point of reference throughout Onboarding and can assist in the completion of this form. Following Onboarding, any information provided in this form can be updated by contacting your Account Manager.

This form requests your ‘User List’ spreadsheet to be uploaded. Please download the ‘User List’ template here, complete it, and upload when requested below.

  • Primary Site

  • Additional Sites

  • Do you have any additional sites? If so, please enter the same details again for each site.
  • User List

  • Please upload your User List spreadsheet here and be sure to specify your authorised contacts. Authorised contacts have authority over the account and can authorise changes in your IT environment. For example, permissions changes.
    Accepted file types: xls, xlsx, pdf.
  • Third Parties

  • Please also provide details of any third party contacts involved with your environment. This could be your ISP, software provider, web developer or any other third party providing you an IT related service. Please provide the following: company name, your customer ID, contact details, service provided (eg. software developer, ISP, etc).