Google’s partnership with Mitel is transforming how contact centres use AI in interactions between customers and staff, improving both customer service and operational efficiency.

Last year, we foreshadowed major growth in contact centre software due primarily to rapid technological advances being made with integrated artificial intelligence (AI).

“[In] 2021, nearly one in six customer service interactions globally will be handled by AI [but] only enterprise-grade virtual customer assistants that create a compelling user experience and deliver truly material business value will survive.”

Gartner – Market Guide for Virtual Customer Assistants

Now, Google and Mitel have partnered to integrate Google Cloud Contact Centre AI (CCAI) into the world-class MiContact Centre platform, leveraging Google Cloud’s Natural Language Understanding and sentiment detection, confidence scoring, and the ability to search customer-specific knowledge bases. This represents a major advancement for Mitel’s virtual agent and agent assist capabilities.

See an introduction to how CCAI works and configures for Mitel:

Capabilities of Google’s CCAI with Mitel

For MiContact Centre customers, CCAI redefines the possibilities for AI-powered customer engagement and staff assistance. Here are some of the key features and real-world benefits.

Virtual Agent

Mitel’s CCAI-powered virtual agent is like a more sophisticated, AI-enabled (message or voice) chatbot that removes the administrative burden of explicitly routing users through a self-service experience based on strict user-defined keywords. Instead, the virtual agent utilises Google’s Natural Language Understanding to interpret customer sentiment and intent, meaning it can provide more intuitive and helpful responses, seamlessly switch between topics (or to a live agent), handle supplemental questions, and resolve customer issues using knowledge base material.

The virtual agent can also operate across multiple channels 24/7, meaning that live agents can be deployed more efficiently and focused where they’re needed. Rapid deployment is made easy with an intuitive drag & drop visual flow builder, so it’s easy to build and maintain sophisticated AI-powered conversations.

Agent Assist

Not all virtual agent conversations will end via self-service, so MiContact Centre is able to seamlessly pivot a virtual agent conversation to an assisted one with a live agent. When this occurs, AI continues to monitor the live conversation and to search the knowledge base, providing suggested responses in real-time to the agent via the Mitel interface.

This sophisticated agent assist capability helps businesses improve the quality and consistency of their customer experience, while also providing continuous agent coaching delivered by AI so that supervisors have more time for higher value tasks.

“By 2025, customer service organisations that embed AI in their multichannel customer engagement platform will elevate operational efficiency by 25%.”

Gartner – Market Guide for Virtual Customer Assistants

Topic Modeler

Google Cloud’s Topic Modeler uses AI to analyze historical audio and chat logs to uncover insights about topics and trends in customer interactions. These can be drawn upon by the virtual agent and agent assist functions in real-time, and can contribute to the ongoing development of agent coaching and knowledge base content.

Case Example: Retail Enquiry to a Virtual Agent

In the video below, you can follow the customer journey of “Anne”, who is conversing with a CCAI-powered virtual agent for a retail business to track an order for pickup. This example also illustrates the scenario from the agent’s perspective, with the benefit of agent assist.

See Mitel’s CCAI-powered virtual agent and agent assist in action:

You can also view an example (medical) of Mitel’s CCAI-powered virtual agent over voice here.

How to Get Google CCIA + Mitel

For Existing Mitel Customers

Contact your Account Manager and we’ll guide you through the options.

For New Customers

We’re currently running a special offer for new Mitel customers, including new MiContact Centre customers that want to take advantage of the new CCAI capabilities.

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