Forsythes Technology provides mobile fleet management for customers including distributing new mobile handsets and plans. Sometimes we get asked if we have a mobile phone policy to help people get started. Here is a template that you can feel free to edit and use.

Employee Mobile Phone Policy Template

  1. Eligibility
    1. An employee may be eligible for a company issued mobile phone if the company deems it is necessary for the performance of that employee’s role. For instance, if their role requires them to be outside the office or if they are required to be contactable outside business hours.
    2. Even in the case where a role may require contact outside of the office or business hours, the company may elect to reimburse the employee the cost of business related phone calls on a personal mobile phone where the employee has not been issued a company mobile phone.
  2. Use of Company Mobile Phones
    1. Company issued mobile phones are to be used for:
      1. Making business calls
      2. Using productivity apps
      3. Business messaging and emails
      4. Internet tethering for business purposes
    2. Private use of company mobile phones: From time to time a personal call may be made from a company mobile phone. The Company reserves the right to audit phone usage and unreasonable or irresponsible personal usage may result in reimbursement of associated costs.
    3. Safe use of mobile phones: Use of mobile phones whilst driving is strictly prohibited excepting with the use of a hands-free car kit.
  3. Use of personal mobile phones
    1. Personal mobile phones should be set to silent mode or turned off during work hours and usage should be kept to a minimum.
  4. Lost, stolen or damaged phone
    1. Company issued mobile phones must be properly cared for by the employee who is issued the phone. This includes not leaving the mobile phone unattended in a vehicle or out of the workplace. If a company mobile phone is lost or stolen your manager should be immediately notified so that the SIM card can be suspended. An employee may be held responsible for the cost of the mobile phone if the appropriate care has not been taken.
    2. Damage is to be immediately reported to your manager. An employee may be held responsible for any costs in repairing or replacing a company mobile phone if the damaged resulted from the employee’s careless or negligent action.

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This page provides general information as a guide only, to be used at your sole risk. It does not constitute legal or other professional advice and you should seek such advice specific to your circumstances in implementing any workplace policies.