Hey Cortana, what are my sales figures for this quarter? “Let me check. It looks like you’ve sold 1.2 million units.”

The future is here. It may sound like science fiction or something only attainable in a mega corporation with a huge budget, but with Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence Suite this sort of functionality is here now and within reach.

What is Cortana Intelligence?

The Cortana Artificial Intelligence (AI) interface you can talk to is only the top layer of this suite. Underneath are the layers of data, intelligence and reporting which pulls it all together. Without naming all the service layers, Microsoft’s Power BI can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you by pulling data together from various sources and presenting consolidated reports and data streams which the Cortana AI can tap into when asked a question.

Why Cortana Intelligence Suite?

Cortana Intelligence Suite is built on Microsoft’s cloud platform, Azure and the suite’s services can be provisioned and spun up in minutes without the need for more on-premise or private cloud servers. Being Azure Cloud services, you can be assured of Microsoft’s stringent security and reliability along with the ability to scale the solution as your data grows and requirements change. In the past, what would have been unattainable for small businesses due to scale is now possible due to new as-a-Service platforms like Cortana Intelligence Suite. Power BI and the other layers of Cortana Intelligence can easily consume your data from Excel, CSV, SQL databases and other sources meaning that you can get up and running with meaningful business intelligence without copious amounts of development time.

Cortana Intelligence can give you new insights into your valuable business data, helping you to make data-driven decisions to drive your business forward. Get in touch if you would like to know more about how we help business get the most out of their data using SharePoint and Power BI.