Office 365 New Features

Microsoft is investing heavily in its cloud platform and the winners of this investment are businesses. With new features including machine learning, productivity services and announcements of useful updates to Office 365 providing more and more value for tenants. With the NBN rollout and the price of cloud resources coming down the time to adopt these Microsoft services has never been better.

Microsoft are releasing new features and updates weekly, which can sometimes be overwhelming. Therefore, we have thrown together a list of features you may not be aware of that could help drive user productivity. With a unified user experience having products work together to provide you and your business with ready to use solutions!

SharePoint – Your Digital Workspace

SharePoint is a web collaboration platform and intranet portal that enables your business to manage documents, processes, records and much more. Being highly customisable, each SharePoint client solution is tailor made to suit the needs of the business, from simple document management systems that allow for versioning and approval processes through to automation and reporting of complex business processes.

SharePoint is accessible on any device anywhere with apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices.

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Microsoft Forms – Surveys, Quizzes and Polls

Forms is a tool that allows business to create surveys, quizzes and polls with an easy drag and drop interface. With functionality, much like Survey Monkey and Google Forms, you can create a survey in minutes with no training.

Included with your Office 365 Business or Enterprise account, the advantages of Microsoft Forms over its competitors mentioned above are:

  • Unlimited usage with your 365 account
  • Storing all form/survey data within your secure managed Microsoft environment
  • Ability to export data to excel and use within reporting tools such as Power BI

Microsoft Connections in the Microsoft Business Centre

Connections comes in handy for those starting out email campaigns. Starting can be a daunting task but Microsoft Connections makes it easily and quickly setup a professional looking email campaign with templates for announcements and newsletters. As your business activity grows, you can expand out with sign-ups from the customer, segmenting into groups for targeting specific clients and even reviewing performance charts.

Creating invoices, tracking and processing payments are critical to any business. Microsoft Invoicing removes the stress of these and helps create professional looking quotes and invoices. It even works with PayPal for online payments and connects to accounting packages. Enabling syncing of customer data and transfer or invoicing information to the general ledger.

Bookings is a much anticipated feature which supports self-service scheduling and rescheduling, and it syncs appointments to a centralized calendar and staff calendars in Outlook for Office 365. You can select lead times, cancelation notification preferences and staff selection. Taking the pain of dealing with client bookings away from your day to day and putting the power in the hand of the client.

Power BI – Easy Business Intelligence

You have access to vast amounts of information generated each day from every part of your business. Everything from point of sales systems, financial applications and line of business software generating reports or logs that may hold information that provides insights into your business.

Traditional reporting tools such as Excel allow data to be combined and visualised and can be very powerful in the hands of a skilled user. However, this manual reporting process is generally at end month or end year due to generation complexity. This retrospective reporting is preventing businesses acting on opportunities or issues as they arise and ability to act on them swiftly.

Microsoft Power BI allows for the consumption of data from a vast array of sources in real-time and provides the ability to link this disparate data into reports visible to you on any device.

Forsythes Can Help

Forsythes specialises in helping make your journey to the cloud easy, we can provide migration services, customizations for SharePoint, guidance on Microsoft Forms usage and customised Power BI dashboards pulling data from, but not limited to Attaché, and SharePoint.