Microsoft has released what we at Forsythes Technology feel is the strongest cloud-enabling feature since the launch of the Office 365 platform. “Files On-Demand” is the solution to a limitation that has held back many businesses from embracing the cloud.

Many customers have used SharePoint Online & One Drive for Business to improve the way they store and collaborate on documents. However, a few key limitations have slowed the adoption and caused some frustration.

In particular businesses and users have been frustrated with the need to educate on how to save files and work on files in SharePoint online verses the way that everyone is quite used to in a Windows Server File Share Drive.

There has always been that ability to navigate to your SharePoint files through a file explorer but it has always been slow and clunky at best. Files On-Demand changes all that!

In the past, navigating a SharePoint Online document library required either:

  1. Thinking ahead! and syncing the files to your pc locally, which took up valuable space and relied on a crystal ball!
  2. Navigating through the files, which were not synced using WebDav, which was very slow, bandwidth intensive and not that functional.

Now you can see all of your SharePoint files in a regular Windows Explorer window and choose whether to sync an offline copy with intuitive status icons.

You can see that the folder selected in the SharePoint Online team site contains 1.37 TB of content but takes 0 bytes of storage on the local disk.

Microsoft added these status icons to make it immediately visible whether the file is synced to your PC. Syncing more is made very easy by selecting “Always keep on this device”.

Forsythes Technology believes that Files-On-Demand is a game changer as it allows business owners and leaders to move to the cloud without the fear that users won’t cope with the change.

Unlocking the benefits of being able to collaborate real-time with the peace of mind that data is held in a secure highly available enterprise cloud environment from Microsoft.

Get in touch to find out more about this new realm of file storage with SharePoint and Files on Demand!

Credit: images from Microsoft