Managed IT and Infrastructure

Hand all your IT problems over to Forsythes Technology. We monitor, troubleshoot, update and tailor solutions to meet your business’s needs.

Managed networks and security for IT teams

Enhance your team’s capabilities!

Forsythes Technology knows that building an effective IT team is challenging. Finding and retaining the right people is a constant struggle in a rapidly changing industry. Over the years, we’ve nurtured successful working relationships with our clients’ IT departments by offering specialised assistance in networking and information security.

Attack vectors and the strategies necessary to combat them change every day. If you’re employing an IT technician who is even one day behind, your network security could be on the brink of collapse. Forsythes Technology benefits from economies of scale that allow our technicians to focus on their specialty so you’re always getting the best of the best support.

Modern cyber security is more than just a firewall or antivirus, it’s about always being one step ahead.

A network is the foundation of any modern technology solution, so it’s critical to get it right.

Whether it’s a LAN, WAN or WLAN, our team has the experience and expertise to design, deliver and manage a network and security solution for your business. We design networks to be highly available, fast, flexible and secure, delivering the right tools and applications to your people anytime, anywhere.

Forsythes Technology does this better than any other IT consultant in Eastern Australia by working with proven technologies and industry-leading vendors to put together the most reliable, high performance solutions for your network.

Local area networks (LANs) are built for speed and reliability. And as end-user devices have become more powerful, most of the data we access is being delivered in real-time via local network connections to the internet.

With our help, you can build resilient core networks with high throughput that feed intelligent access-layer devices via edge switches and high-speed WiFi. In short, we’ll ensure your people connect reliably and securely from anywhere in your network.

Whether you need to connect a branch office around the corner or a demountable in the desert, inter-city or overseas, Forsythes Technology has been designing and building Wide Area Networks (WANs) for organisations for over 25 years and we can get you connected.

Redundant data centres, cloud services, branch offices and teleworker solutions all require a bulletproof WAN to keep your people connected to the digital resources they need.

We do it all: Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), IPSec, hybrid topologies and everything in between.

With the proliferation of cloud technology and the opportunities this presents for businesses, our approach to LAN and WAN architecture is constantly evolving.

Forsythes Technology helps organisations design and build the right networks for their needs. Beyond just simple access, we ensure that the resources your team needs are available and responsive regardless of the environment they’re in.

With a hybrid WAN design, Forsythes Technology can:

  • Drive Efficiency – by improving response times for users of business-critical applications.
  • Control Costs – via maximised WAN bandwidth and delaying unnecessary bandwidth upgrades.
  • Improve Business Continuity – by optimising data-centre-to-data-centre traffic for faster storage replication and synchronisation and intelligently routing business-critical applications across resilient WAN paths, allowing you to access your data, no matter where it resides.

Cyber attacks and threats can be random, targeted, or simply accidental. But where it comes from doesn’t really matter, does it? What you care about is protecting your business from every angle.

Forsythes Technology has a comprehensive suite of solutions: Perimeter Security, Endpoint Security, Cloud Security, Secure Remote Access and Reporting. And if it’s compliance you’re looking for, we’ve got a team of certified security specialists to help you achieve APRA, PCI and HIPAA requirements.

The speed at which we access applications is more important to making a profit than ever, and when it comes to your network, “set it and forget it” just won’t fly.

What you need is a technology provider that knows how to pore over exhaustive network monitoring reports and interpret how to make everything better. Forsythes Technology experts give you the information you need, in a clear and easy-to-understand format to help you make informed, strategic decisions about your network.