There is nothing more frustrating than the same thing going wrong with IT for the second, third or fourth time. More than just being irritating, reccurring IT issues cost your business valuable productivity.

Consider this scenario. You’re working away on your great new cloud application and suddenly you lose your internet connection and your cloud app is gone. You can’t work. You call IT and they get the internet router restarted and you’re away working with your cloud app. You don’t go more than an hour without it dropping out again. This happens several times over the next week and affects not only you, but all 20 users of the cloud app. In total, you lose roughly 4 real hours of cloud app usage and another hour lost due to the inefficiency of having to start and stop what you’re doing. Multiply this by 20 staff and you could be losing 100 hours of productivity for the week. What is 100 hours of productivity worth to your business?

What should have happened following the first reoccurrence is Problem Management. Recurring issues signify that there is an underlying problem. Without resolving the underlying problem the issue will keep reoccurring. This problem may have been resolved by simply replacing faulty networking equipment or cables, for example.

Whoever you use to provide your IT support and management, ensure that they have a robust approach to Problem Management, ideally based on the best-practice ITIL framework for IT Service Delivery.

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By Josh Goodman – General Manager