The National Broadband Network is rolling out across the country. More and more businesses now have access to services on NBN or other carrier networks at significantly reduced prices and it is having a broad impact on business telecommunications and internet services.

Two key impacts

  1. NBN services becoming available in places traditionally difficult to service are enabling more cloud services for business systems, whether this be in the form of hosted systems, voice or video based collaborations solutions or cloud backup, the NBN is making this possible for more and more businesses.
  2. Significant downward movement on pricing from other major telco infrastructure owners. Telstra has recently released the biggest price reduction we have seen on services particularly in regional areas.

What do I need to consider before moving to NBN

  1. NBN services with speeds of 25Mbps download or more require higher performance router or firewall hardware than previous ADSL or lower speed Ethernet connections. Many of the routers supplied by service providers do not provide sufficient capability to deliver the full performance of the connection.
  2. NBN is not suitable for all purposes in its current form. NBN does not offer QOS (quality of service) over an NBN data service and considerations need to be taken. Highly critical voice services are an example of a service that Forsythes would not recommend a customer utilise NBN for. It is important to consider the use-case and discuss with our team a suitable technology. Chances are the price of something suitable has come right down.
  3. Not all services need to move: Many clients are in a panic if they do not migrate all of their voice lines to an approved NBN service they will be cut off. This is not always the case. All PSTN (analogue) lines must be migrated however should you currently have an ISDN BRI or PRI services, these can remain for the time being although there is a cease sale of all Voice PSTN and ISDN services in all NBN areas. Our team can advise you on the ins and out in greater detail.
  4. Unless you are looking for productivity gains or it’s time for a refresh, many PBX systems do not need replacing however it’s likely they will require a piece of hardware and licensing to continue to operate.

In summary, NBN is a great enabler for businesses. It can be used to leverage cloud services and solutions and facilitate digital transformation. We advise businesses that it is never too early to start the conversation with us and give yourself plenty of time to start evaluating how can NBN improve your business.

By Shannon Burgess – Director of Communications & Collaboration