The National Broadband Network (NBN) has been a great initiative for Australian users however real world deployments have sometimes resulted in significant delays to deploy and variable service quality to customers.

A key challenge faced by businesses and organisations that need to deploy a new branch or move office is how to time the delivery of an NBN or other type of business grade connection to arrive when needed. Unfortunately, we have seen many examples where there are months of delay in provisioning a service including multiple visits by NBN to the premise to get it sorted.
On top of the delays, performance expectations are not always met and lack of service stability causing dropouts or intermittent faults means that the NBN does not always meet customer expectations.

Most carriers do not describe their versions of NBN as Business Grade and recommend deploying higher cost dedicated (not shared) services especially when time sensitive traffic such as voice or remote access is needed. We have covered this in another article.

“Two connections are always better than One”

Thankfully there are technology solutions that can help ease the pain. Wireless broadband solutions can be used to plug the gap. Until recently there have been technical challenges delivering decent performance from wireless 4G solutions but with the advent of Telstra 4GX we can now deliver more consistent Internet speeds with increased uptime allowing for reliance on 4G as a failover solution. This new technology delivers better access to Internet for extended periods while you wait for a primary Internet service or NBN to be delivered.

Most carriers now offer 4G failover solutions as an option on business NBN plans however there can be some technical challenges if the provided NBN device fails and wireless failover does not work as expected. Forsythes Technology now provides innovative technology with cloud provisioning and out of band management from Cradlepoint.


Cradlepoint delivers on the need for a managed failover solution as well as providing a reliable means to deliver wireless Internet access on the go in vehicles for the mobile salesforce, government or emergency services.

Cradlepoint Technology was successfully deployed by Forsythes Technology to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service as a solution for delays in the provisioning of the new Newcastle (Belmont) and Lismore bases. Due to construction at the new service locations there has been delays on delivery of planned fibre optic and NBN services. The Cradlepoint will remain in place and provide a critical function of supplementary failover & remote management once the primary links are completed.

Deployment of a Forsythes managed wireless broadband solution using Cradlepoint Technology with multiple modems for voice and data has ensured that the Rescue Helicopter Service has continued to meet 100% uptime requirements and continues their outstanding record of service excellence to the community.

Cradlepoint has a range of technology options to retrofit existing sites with cloud managed wireless broadband solutions. Please contact Forsythes for more information.