Google is taking the fight for top smartphone to Apple. Google has taken the view that new hardware advances and features are levelling off and the next fight for the top of the smartphone pack will be around AI (Artificial Intelligence).

One feature that really sets Google’s Pixel 2 apart is the Google Assistant. Based on their extensive development, Google has established themselves as the leader in the Artificial Intelligence arena of Machine Learning. Machine Learning is what allows the Pixel 2 to perform real-time translation in 96 languages. Pop the Google earbuds in while travelling and hear a real-time translation of someone you’re talking to in your own language via the earbuds.

Another practical example of the Assistant in action is a commuter getting into a car and asking Google a question. The Assistant responds like an actual assistant with the best route to drive, listing any unread messages and where they left off their most recent podcast.

Google Lens is another outworking of Google’s AI. When you point your Pixel 2 at an object, like a cat, Google Lens will tell you what kind of cat it is and other information about that type of cat. Think about travelling with your Pixel 2 and Google Lens giving you the name and information about a historical or natural landmark you are showing it.

AI aside, the Pixel 2 offers:

  • A fast processor (Octa-core Snapdragon 835 chipset and 4GB of RAM)
  • 64GB of storage as standard
  • Option of two sleek sizes (5” screen and 6” screen options)
  • Rapidly charging in 15 minutes
  • Unlimited high-res photo backups to Google Cloud
  • A decent step below the iPhone X in price

The Google Pixel 2 offers the best AI on the market along with its other features. It may even sway those Apple iPhone users who are not completely invested in the Apple operating environment.

The Pixel 2 is exclusive to Telstra and our mobiles team can chat to you more about the Pixel 2 and set you up with a new one. Get in touch today!