Communication and Collaboration

Connect with customers, employees and business partners like never before.

Video Conferencing

Be in the room, no matter where that is

Cloud-based video conferencing (VC) solutions give organisations the benefits of video conferencing technology, without the upfront investment in hardware and network infrastructure that is often required.

By moving it into the cloud, we can make video conferencing accessible to anyone, anywhere — whether you want to make a video call from your desktop, a conference room, or a mobile device.

With the right deployment, employees and business partners can totally eliminate the need to commute to meetings. And whether that means skipping the five-minute walk across the sales floor or the hour-long drive across town, everyone agrees full-featured remote meetings are more efficient than conference room meetings.

Cloud video conferencing is the quickest way to getting more eyes and ears on the next board meeting, HR training, or business partner meeting. When you need to get business done, this is the way to do it.

Cloud-based video conferencing brings people together, no matter where they are, with a user-friendly interface that gives everyone a seat in the meeting.

In business, nothing is more important than relationships. VC fosters relationships with staff, partners, vendors and of course customers, by creating high-quality and engaging meetings anytime and anywhere from any device.

It’s not only about bringing remote workers into the conference room, Forsythes Technology video conferencing solutions can accommodate spacious meeting halls, and multi-site conferences to ensure your meetings are more dynamic and engaging than any your staff or customers have ever attended.

Our all-in-one solution covers:

  • Installation, monitoring, and support for all your video conferencing equipment.
  • Security protocols to encrypt and protect every bit of information you broadcast.
  • Integration with your other communication services
  • Equipment and software consulting that guarantees your solution is more than a one-size-fits-all system