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IP Telephony

Telecommunications services that are ready for the future

Forsythes Technology specialises in designing and delivering IP Telephony solutions that integrate communication and collaboration platforms at a single site or across multiple locations, such as head offices, branch sites and remote workers.

Choosing the the right platform makes all the difference. With consolidated software, you have the freedom to deploy your solution in a hardware-driven infrastructure, a private virtual environment, or hosted in the cloud.

Simply by connecting your people you can improve staff efficiency and productivity. We see it happen every time we deploy IP telephony technologies. Forsythes Technology installs communication platforms for inbound and outbound telephony services that incorporate current phone numbers as well as existing PBX and legacy hardware.

Open up opportunities in new markets by drastically reducing the cost of international calling and granting web users a direct line to your business -- even if they don’t have a phone!

Regardless of how you choose to deploy your IP telephony solution, Forsythes Technology ensures it’s ready for whatever the future has in store.

With such vast improvements to the way calls are placed, it would be reasonable to assume that IP telephony is accompanied by significant cost increases. To the contrary, our solution comes with flat-rate, often unlimited calling plans that flatten your month-to-month telecommunications bill into a reliable expense.

For most businesses, it’s never been a question of ‘if,’ but merely ‘when.’ As recently as five years ago, small- and medium-sized businesses could have justified waiting for better call quality and more integrated features -- but no longer. IP telephony is one of the easiest decisions you can make as a business owner.

Forsythes Technology IP Telephony solutions come with:

  • User call handling profiles
  • Automatic voicemail-to-email transcription
  • Presence and availability display
  • Extension-to-mobile twinning for single number reach
  • Conferencing and collaboration tools
  • And more!