Communication and Collaboration

Connect with customers, employees and business partners like never before.

Contact Centre Management

Raise the bar for customer experience and satisfaction in your field

From small, helpdesk contact centres to large-scale, multisite, multimedia contact centres utilising voice, email, chat and sms, every business needs to foster fantastic customer experiences. It’s your job to take charge of the situation the moment they contact you, no matter the medium they prefer.

We provide the tools and expertise to improve your contact centre process, your business and your customer satisfaction.

Exceed service-level expectations and stymie operational costs with:

  • Intuitive menus that guide customers to the right person without unnecessary transfers.
  • Business intelligence integrations that help you revise and improve your solutions.
  • Skills-based call routing that reduce how long customers spend on the phone with your business.
  • Load balancing applications that automatically direct calls so everyone does their fair share.

Exceed customer expectations in every interaction with a Contact Centre solution from Forsythes Technology.

Despite what most small- and medium-sized businesses may think, enterprise-level call centres are possible on a budget. Forsythes Technology makes this possible by combining services from the best vendors in the industry to provide you with a flat-rate managed suite of solutions for your call centre.

  • Telstra Partner
  • Mitel