The public hyperscale cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services and Azure are growing at astronomical rates and continually innovating.

For many, it’s hard to imagine that smaller cloud providers can compete or have relevance in what appears to be a race to the bottom. More storage, more compute, more features for less almost every day.

So why and who are private clouds still relevant for?

  • Organisations with applications to deliver to multiple sites with stable demand. One of the key benefits of Hyperscale platforms is on demand scalability, however this is built in to the pricing model so if you have always on computing with very little demand fluctuation you may pay more for flexibility you never leverage.
  • Not for profits or organisations with large investments in software licensing. Licensing rules often preclude hyperscale public cloud platforms being used.
  • Organisations that have invested heavily into custom applications or customising applications that currently running on-premise.
  • High performance workloads can often be run in dedicated private cloud scenarios more cost effectively that public cloud. Applications such as CAD, intensive ERP and custom applications are often well suited to boutique private cloud offerings.
  • Local connectivity- often private cloud platforms are in proximity to business they serve meaning lower cost direct fibre connectivity may be accessible allowing the availability benefits of cloud and maintaining an excellent local end user experience.
  • Organisations with non-generic requirements around security may benefit from the flexibility of private cloud.
  • Leveraging a private cloud managed by a local provider prevents demarcation problems that can occur when a public is used. The service provider controls all aspects of the solution preventing downtime extending finger pointing.

We are here to help you understand what solution suits your organisation and why.

You can engage one of our technology specialists to understand your business and recommend the appropriate cloud solution taking into account the requirements, features and cost to ensure you obtain the right public, private or hybrid cloud solution for your business.

Once we have established the solutions that are best suited for your business, our team will get you there safely and securely.