The power of Attaché BI is that it provides a complete system, including advanced accounting and payroll software, tailored to you, for real-time visibility across your entire business.

Attache is, without a doubt, a key business system and if it goes offline if can be difficult to operate. You need confidence that it will always be available, running efficiently and accessible to all users, wherever they may be. With years of experience in delivering Attache’ solutions and infrastructure platforms to support it, Forsythes Technology have built a specifically tailored cloud environment to ensure our customers get the most from there key business application Attaché BI.

In years past, the Attache’ platform has happily run on a small business server or even in some cases a key users PC. Although functional, this deployment method exposes the business to heightened risk of data loss, through virus, malware, hardware failure or disaster. myAttaché on Forsythes.Cloud helps reduce this risk whilst minimising infrastructure spend. The myAttaché platform provides customers a platform to affordably deliver their business-critical accounting application to users from an enterprise grade cloud environment, with resilience, redundancy and backup infrastructure previously not available to small and medium business.

An additional benefit of leveraging myAttaché on Forsythes.Cloud is that the team managing the cloud platform has an intimate knowledge of the Attache’ BI application and the deployment methods which ensure it functions optimally. Having your Attache instance hosted by Attache and Infrastructure experts means that the buck stops with Forsythes. No more finger-pointing between applications support and infrastructure support teams.

To talk to our team about migrating to the myAttaché platform.