But I am in Microsoft’s Cloud! Don’t they backup my emails for me?

The answer is no.

Microsoft ensures that your emails and data is completely redundant and secure from their perspective. That is, they protect themselves from any risk in losing your data. What they don’t do is protect your emails and data against you, your staff, or anyone else with access to your Exchange Online tenant.

Let me give an example of a scenario where you could lose your emails in Exchange Online. A disgruntled employee tenders their resignation. They log into their emails and delete everything. They then empty their Deleted Items and then open the Recover Deleted Items page and delete everything from there too. At that point the emails are gone and not recoverable. Unless…

Unless you have Exchange Online Archiving or an Office 365 Backup.

Exchange Online Archive includes Litigation Hold which allows you to retain a copy of all emails indefinitely. It comes as an optional extra for Exchange Online or Office 365 plans and is already including in some higher plans.

One problem with Exchange Online Archiving is that it is not a backup. Yes, it will still retain all of your emails however the Litigation Hold feature is meant for retrieving data within a certain date range for export to a file which then needs to be downloaded and reuploaded to Exchange Online if you wish to restore it. It is not meant for rapid restoring of data or mailboxes.

That is where a true Backup for Office 365 comes in. A Backup for Office 365 will protect you from your users and from Microsoft as a copy of your entire organisation’s emails and data will be securely stored in a non-Microsoft DataCentre from where is can be rapidly restored directly back to Office 365 if required.

As an IT Support and IT Service Provider we strongly recommend that our customers use an Office 365 Backup solution to protect their Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive data in Office 365.

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