More robust document and data management using SharePoint, Office 365 and automated folder structures in the cloud. Old data migrated over, and security and governance overhauled.


PerformHR is a national HR provider, with over 30 employees located across offices in Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

They required a more organised and robust system for managing their documents and client data, and maintaining stronger governance around folder structures. While traditionally the sharing of such data has been solved using remote terminal servers and virtual private networks (VPNs), PerformHR contacted us seeking a more flexible, systemised and user-friendly cloud-based solution leveraging the power of SharePoint.

How We’ve Helped

A key failing of shared drives is the lack of governance around the creation and storage of data with inadequate templating and controls on how the data is organised.

With PerformHR, we first scoped out a new folder structure for their client data and developed an automated way of generating this structure whenever a new client was onboarded, with the flexibility to handle and organise all clients’ data. We were then able to automate the migration of data from their previous folder structure into the new one, using migration tools and custom scripts to take care of the more eccentric data.

The second stage involved taking SharePoint from simply a number of folders of documents to a more integrated platform for PerformHR aligned with their core values.

After consulting widely with their staff on what the navigation should look like and link to, colours, headings, widgets, and where they would go, we designed a custom SharePoint implementation with a multi-level navigation system, links to other cloud software services in use, upcoming corporate events and quick links to recently accessed documents.

The Results

The solutions we implemented for PerformHR provided a cost-effective solution to organising their data more efficiently, vastly improved governance to maintain the new data structure, and with the added productivity of a custom SharePoint implementation.

In addition, we improved data security by restructuring the permission matrix and protocols, delivering a system that was both easy to use, easy to administer and highly secure.

“Working with Will and the Forsythes Technology team has been an absolute pleasure. Will came into our organisation to scope a SharePoint solution that would fit our unique system needs and our culture, recommended what that could include, and since delivering, has provided our team with invaluable support. A warm thank you for your expertise, design skill, and fantastic service.”

Darren & Hannah – PerformHR