Almost 500 mobile devices. Same day turnaround. 100% customer satisfaction.


The nib Group provides health and medical insurance to over 1.5 million Australian and New Zealand residents.

Connectivity between nib employees has become increasingly important as the business continues to grow. A mobile management solution provided by Forsythes Technology is helping to make communication between employees easier and more efficient both in and out of the office.

Multiple office locations and flexible working options has led to an increased reliance on the use of mobiles to keep employees connected.

How We’ve Helped

Forsythes Technology’s mobile fleet management service has recovered employee time previously consumed by managing their own mobile devices.

We manage all day to day issuing, adding and modifying of nib’s mobile services as well as device management, repairs and replacements. Regular bill analysis also means that nib optimises mobile phone usage and has further opportunity to save on costs.

Forsythes’ mobiles management team acts as a single point of contact between nib and Telstra, meaning that nib can delegate service requests directly to Forsythes via our responsive service desk. The service desk acts as a one-stop shop for all incidents, questions or requests to do with their mobile devices and services.

“We’ve got close to 500 devices, and a lot of people in the business use their mobile phone for communication and travel. We rely on our mobile fleet. With Forsythes Technology, things get done the same day – within an hour of me submitting a request. It’s fantastic. Nothing’s ever a problem.”

Neroli Masters – IT Service Delivery Manager

The Results

Same day turnaround on requests that previously took days.

Provide and manage just under 500 devices and Telstra services.

100% customer satisfaction rating on resolved service tickets.