Customisation of existing business systems and applications delivers time savings and more consistent recording of information with less double entry of data, and more efficient process flows from quoting through to invoicing.


Jubilee Spring Co (Jubilee Springs), Australia’s longest-running spring manufacturing company, was established in 1938. The 100% Australian owned and operated business designs and manufactures compression, tension and torsion springs, wire shapes and flat pressings in ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Jubilee Springs manufactures everything from mousetraps, components for Cochlear ear implants and heart pacemakers, to components for mining, bulldozing, sewer and aviation equipment.

Jubilee Springs has been a client of Forsythes Technology since we took over a competitor’s client base. At the time, Jubilee Springs was using Attaché and a custom solution for its quality assurance processes.

Recently, we were approached by Jubilee Springs to assist with several business improvements, as detailed below.

How We’ve Helped

Forsythes Technology reviewed Jubilee Springs’ business practices and looked at the software being used to ensure it was being used to its full potential. In doing so, we identified the following:

  • Customer call cycle could not be tracked
  • The manufacturing process could not be tracked when products went off-site for part of the process
  • Reports produced for the business owner had insufficient information
  • Opportunity to improve accuracy, reduce double-handling of data and save time.
CRM and Sales Call Tracking

Initially, Jubilee Springs asked our advice on introducing a CRM solution.  After reviewing their processes and tracking what they were doing compared with what they needed and what was possible within the existing application they had, we tailored a solution specific to their business and size.

The solution we introduced adopted features within an application they already had, saving them money and reducing the need to manage two separate business applications. They can now track customer calls, create follow-ups and monitor outcomes.

Estimates and Quoting

Previously, Jubilee Springs had been using a spreadsheet to create estimates for quoting. Data was being populated, manually saved, copied and sent out. Once quotes were accepted, data was manually entered into Attaché to create the order.

Working closely with their team, we helped rewrite the spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel and link it to Attaché. Now, all information is pulled into Attaché to create a quote, and once approved by the client, an order is created. These changes removed the need for double-handling, reducing the risk of errors and allowing Jubilee Springs to monitor the status of quotes and track the pipeline and opportunities.

Product Information

Manufacturing drawings that were once only held in physical filing cabinets are now online and the digital files are linked to Attaché. This reduces the need for scanning and uploading for individual jobs. In addition, there is greater consistency in the creation of product codes.

Job Tracking

Manufacturing has many processes, and over time, individual processes had changed. We helped Jubilee Springs update their job cards and manufacturing reports. Now, information is readily available, and jobs can be tracked better.

Stock Control

Variances were identified in stock records due to some work-arounds being used to accommodate foreign currency and exchange rates. We improved several accounting processes by adopting features of their business application that hadn’t been used previously.


One of the key improvements reported to us by Jubilee Springs is the time savings they’ve achieved. We’ve enabled Jubilee Springs to save time on several of their processes by integrating existing (and new) spreadsheets and systems with Attaché.

Not only have these improvements saved time, the removal of double-entry of data has increased accuracy and consistency of information.

Jubilee Springs is now experiencing greater benefits of the business applications they had in place by using those systems and their features to their full potential.

Improvements have been tailored specifically to Jubilee Springs’ business needs and processes. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we worked closely with their team to identify the features that would work best for their business and help them achieve their specific goals.

“The team did an awesome job to transform our estimating/quoting system. This has improved the flow from estimating and quoting right through to invoicing our products. We’ve reduced a lot of double entry of data and the development and training provided has certainly improved our processes.”

Garry Burton – General Manager / CEO