Mobile management solutions that have adapted, grown and scaled with the Greater Bank for 13 years and counting.


Founded in Newcastle in 1945, the Greater Bank now serves over 250,000 customers and employs over 700 staff across NSW and South East QLD. Forsythes Technology’s mobile fleet management assists in keeping staff connected to each other and customers in the office and on the go.

How We’ve Helped

Since 2006, Forsythes Technology has partnered with the Greater to deliver unparalleled mobile fleet management, streamlining processes that were once time-consuming and complicated.

As the demands of their services, staff and customers have evolved and grown, Forsythes Technology’s mobile fleet management has scaled seamlessly and taken the hard work out of large-scale account and device management.

“We’re relying on mobiles more and more as we move towards a more mobile workforce. We have managers and staff that are on the move, so we’re needing to always be in contact. We also have mobile lenders who rely on their mobile phones and their data connections to be able to do home loans at a customer’s home or office – it’s an important part of our communication strategy.”

John Wolski – IT Support Manager

The Results

Provide and manage over 300 Telstra voice and data services.

On average, we receive and resolve 10 service tickets a month.

“Forsythes Technology are always going the extra mile to do what we need.”

John Wolski – IT Support Manager