Leah Jay

"Exceptional" efficiency gains, fully remote work, and a 20% cost saving.

nib Group

Almost 500 mobile devices and 100% customer satisfaction.

Kenshaw Electrical

Digital transformation improves monitoring, reporting, cashflow and customer service.


SharePoint-based Purchase Requisition System saves time, streamlines approvals, and improves tracking and auditing.

Jubilee Springs

Customisation of existing systems delivers time savings, consistent recording of product information, and more efficient process flows.

HIC Services

Fully managed services and digital transformation drive efficiency, connectivity and lower capital cost across several locations.

Lifestyle Solutions

Secure and reliable connection of multiple sites and 2,100+ users nationally.


Improved handling of 1,800 calls per week and significant cost savings.


IP telephony upgrade saves branches around $1,800 per month in call costs.


Data management, security and governance overhauled.