The Mitel Next events are forums for innovation and have been taken all over the globe. Past locations include Dallas, Berlin, Paris, Munich and Phoenix, each with their own theme.

Their eighth event – Mitel NEXT, London- Collaboration: Path Way to Peak Performance, was held last month and we were invited to attend. It brought together 445 consultants, distributors and partners, representing 216 companies across 53 countries.

With a jam-packed agenda, we got to hear firsthand from the Mitel executives about their strategy and focus, their view on changes to the ever-evolving industry market, and importantly our obligation as partners to work alongside Mitel and start the digital transformation discussion with our customers. It was a fitting kick off and introduction to Michael Gale, who was the event keynote speaker and the lead author of the number one best-selling book on digital transformation – The Digital Helix.

The breakout sessions from the event included driving the customer experience with contact centre, pathway of choice to the UC Cloud – Private, Public or Hybrid, and powering the future of Communications and Collaboration with Mitel’s MiCollab Application suite.

There were demonstrations in the solution centre, where you got to see how IoT and AI is integrating with contact centres. Also demonstrated was the soon to be released Mitel for Microsoft integration and the new and improved MiCollab UC desk and mobile application, as well as Cloudlink, and how to subscribe to UC apps as a Service – a game changer for existing Mitel on premise clients who are yet to integrate any applications.

A live demo on stage that showed facial recognition into MiCollab.

However, for myself, the CEO keynote on day one was the standout, which was delivered by Mitel’s CEO Rich McBee.

He gave us a reminder; Mitel Next is about what’s next and should be rooted in the observations and conversations we are having with our customers. With theme of the event, Rich straight up set the tone:

“I’ll guarantee you this. The world is changing and it’s changing fast. Collaboration is not just with voice and standard UC, it is also related with Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) and we’re seeing more of this. The world of collaboration is expanding, and digital transformation is really driving change.

Industry analysts say there is about 450 million desktop phones in businesses around the planet today, but a big global change has happened and about 80% of the workforce does not have a desk. Businesses are now connecting those workers for they have to now consider: how are we communicating and collaborating? It’s not just with people within the four walls of an office. Collaboration is now about connecting people to people, people to workforces, andpeople to things and information.

Speed is the new currency. How fast can you deliver a service is key to increasing productivity and satisfaction. Therefore, speed and productivity IS a competitive advantage. It’s changing the complete experience and it’s important for us as an ICT solutions integrator to understand the challenges and issues our clients are facing, and how we can assist them to digitally transform and utilise communication and collaboration to improve their business and gain that advantage.

Collaboration: the Path to Peak performance – it was an outstanding keynote. To hear firsthand from the CEO of Mitel on how every industry is changing, how businesses are digitally transforming, and how both are beginning to understand it’s about connecting people to information that will fundamentally change their business to be more productive was exceptional.

I kept telling people before I left: it’s not a junket, it’s an EVENT. Mitel NEXT London didn’t disappoint.

The good news – it’s easier now than it’s ever been to leverage communication and collaboration applications to improve your business. UC solutions can now be delivered on premise or by hybrid, private and public cloud. The event showcased that Mitel has the best pathway to peak performance for your business.

Watch below to listen to the full CEO keynote @ Mitel Next – London