In light of the new financial year, Forsythes Technology CEO Jeff Hughes reflects on the Forsythes company values, how employees live the values every day, and what this means for our customers.

Forsythes Technology’s journey started nearly 30 years ago founded on our passion to help customers be successful by always delivering the right combination of technology and services.

We now have teams providing IT managed services, cloud, networking and security, telephony, mobiles and data, development including SharePoint and accounting software consulting.

The range of solutions we offer is key to the benefits we deliver to our customers.

  • Our success is built on being easy to deal with, always available
  • We are the only provider you need to call
  • We have proven experience and aim to be technically better than our competitors
  • and we focus on the right size technology solutions that our customers love

We have come a long way and our customers say that today we are a very good company to deal with. As we continue to grow we want to up the ante from being a very good company to become a great company in the eyes of our customers.    We know that to continue our growth we will need to stick to our core values and keep loving our customers.

Our business is built on people and to be a great company we need the best people; great people. Without great people we cannot deliver on the standards that our customers expect and that we expect of each other. Our business must always demonstrate the fundamental values that is the ‘Forsythes way’ and it is essential that we live our values. We want your engagement with Forsythes and our people to reflect our values:

  1. Focusing on the customer: At the end of the day we are here first and foremost for our customers. Our success depends on understanding, focusing, listening, interpreting and delivering on what the customer needs. We go the extra mile; and we hope that our customers appreciate and remember this.
  2. Doing what we say we will: Our greatest enduring customer relationships have been built on doing what we say we will. When we have been there to help steer customers through fires, floods, earthquakes, growth and major deadlines, customers know that when we say we will deliver you can rely on Forsythes. This builds trust. We don’t over promise, but we will always try to move heaven and earth to deliver on what we say we will.
  3. Teamwork: Our team has grown through great people, strategic mergers & acquisitions of businesses that also share our values. When we have an effective team, success follows. Teamwork is working together to get great outcomes for our customers. We encourage others in our team when we see our values exhibited. Some of the little things we do for each other and our customers can have a great impact. When everyone plays their part, we perform well as a company. We make the most of each other’s strengths and as a team, try to make up for any areas that need improvement.
  4. Professionalism: Being professional is at the core of creating a positive perception of Forsythes as a company. Our employees endeavour to uphold a high level of professionalism in all aspects of their work; whether it be the way we dress, communicate over the phone or respond to an email. We aim to be professional even if we experience negative feedback. Being professional is key to maintaining customer relationships and helps to foster new opportunities.
  5. Never be satisfied: We challenge ourselves to improve personally and professionally. Whether it be achieving vendor certifications, meeting customer deadlines, going the extra mile to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied or helping another team member deliver after hours; we’re always trying to be better. Never being satisfied at Forsythes means stepping out of our comfort zone, having a go and pushing ourselves so we can always deliver when asked by our customers.

Values matter and they underpin our people at Forsythes and how we are seen by others. Our challenge as a business and individuals is to always live our values.

As we spend the next 10 years growing and reaching for our 40th anniversary goals, it is an exciting time to be with Forsythes Technology, for our customers and our employees. Our stated goal is be become a great company with great people and great customers – a G3 company.

Along the way new technology and opportunities will present for our people and our customers.  We want to make sure that while always delivering that we will continue to have a great time with our customers. Only after hitting our goals and 40 years of continually demonstrating our values will we be able to say that we are truly a great company.