Gone are the days where only big business could leverage their data to make better, more informed business decisions.

Big businesses would spend copious amounts of money on expensive IT and Data Analysts and licencing for expensive software. With the advent of public cloud and as-a-Service platforms comes platforms with scale and accessibility which allows business of any size to view, manipulate and analyse their data in new ways to drive better business outcomes.

Ever wanted to combine data from your accounting package, CRM and line of business application into one dashboard to make better short term and long-term predictions? Microsoft’s Power BI makes this type of analytics and reporting feasible.

Power BI presents all your data in one place. Think about an executive dashboard that contains your sales figures alongside your accounts receivable data, next to your production data. It makes for a dashboard that gives you a real pulse on your business at a glance.

Because Power BI is part of Microsoft’s cloud service suite, you can access it from anywhere you are. Check up on your business metrics while at the café or an interstate conference.

Not only does Power BI have all the features you would expect from a high-end Business Intelligence tool and present data in an informative and elegant manner, it is priced in very affordable manner at around $12/user/month and there is even a free tier.

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