We have just been told our Phone System is not NBN ready.

We’ve heard this many times. For most part this is a misconception and it has normally been after a client has received a phone call or a visit from another Comms company.

Fortunately, we have been able to set the story straight when contacted before they took action however there has been a few who have been blindsided by this sales tactic and replaced their phone system to only find out after the fact it was not required.

Whenever I am asked this question the short answer is – YES, more than likely, your traditional key system/PBX or current IP System is NBN ready.

Now, it will depend on a few things such as your selected carrier’s connection guidelines and the type of PBX you have, amongst other things, however by adding a PSTN, ISDN or IP gateway, completing a software upgrade or adding licensing, your current Telephony system is NBN/SIP trunk ready and better still, it could even connect to your currently installed trunk card so all you need to pay for is labour to connect.

With clients now being informed by Telstra that their ISDN services will discontinue with exact dates to be advised, expect your phones to be running hot with opportunistic Comms Sales people up to their old tricks trying to sell you a system you may not require.

Some businesses have seen this as an opportunity to look at how communication solutions have evolved with advanced desktop and mobility applications and team collaboration tools which now can be cloud hosted or implemented on premise. If you’re interested, book in a lunch and learn session with our Communications and Collaboration team. Although if you wish to keep the status quo, ask us how and we can at least advise you on what’s required for you to retain your current system.