This Surface killer for business is available on your Telstra bill.

On the surface, the HP Elitepad looks a lot like its competition. Both the HP Elitepad and the Microsoft Surface sport a 12” touch display with detachable keyboard and support a stylus. However, HP have clearly designed with the business user in mind with their Elitepad x2.

At a glance, the build quality is high on the HP and seems to be a noticeable grade above the Surface with a very solid feel. From a mobility perspective, all the Elitepad x2 models sport a sim card slot which supports ultrafast 4Gx mobile broadband for business productivity on the go.<?p>

Unlike the Surface, out of the box the HP comes with a stylus and sturdy aluminium keyboard. The HP keyboard feels like a ‘real’ laptop keyboard without the flex of that of a Surface keyboard. Additionally, HP has an option for an advanced keyboard that comes with a card reader and Near Field Communications (NFC) receiver.

Again, with business in mind, the HP has replaceable and upgradable parts. Unscrewing the Elitepad x2 allows the screen, RAM and disk to be accessed without having to send the machine off for lengthy upgrades or repairs.

Probably one of the best reasons to get an Elitpad x2 is that you can put it on your Telstra bill.

You get the assurance that Telstra has tested and will support the device on its 4G network. Telstra will back the device. If there is a warranty fault with the device Telstra will replace the device rather than delaying you with repairs. Finally, from a cashflow perspective it becomes a line item on your monthly Telstra bill without the need for an upfront purchase.

Our Mobiles team can help set you up with an Elitepad x2 on your Telstra bill. Get in touch with us today to talk about the model and plan options.