Director of Innovation

A born and bred Novocastrian, Evan grew up in Kotara. After schooling Evan wanted a career in business and management. In pursuit of this, started his business degree at the University of Newcastle. While completing his degree Evan obtained a management traineeship at Osborne Computers. After a short time in the management trainee role Evan was offered a position as a field technician for the company supporting customers in the Northern Territory, the opportunity and adventure was too exciting to pass up, a decision that changed the direction of, and shaped Evan’s career.

After a few yews in Darwin cutting his teeth as a field technician, Evan came back to his home in Newcastle and continued his role with Osborne. It was at this time that Evan’s entrepreneurial passion to create and innovate led him to a decision to start his first business with a colleague, and Spear technologies was born, with a focus on delivering small business IT systems. Many Newcastle businesses used email for the first time with the assistance of Evan and his small team at Spear. While running Spear, Evan was offered a contracting position on the Mine Hunter project for the Australian Defence Industries, originally trying to do both, the contracting position ultimately took too much time and attention.

This led to number of contracting positions for BHP, ADI & Nortel before the Northern Territory came calling again. Evan’s colleague from Osborne offered him a challenging role as a part of a small team supporting a complex whole of government wide area network covering the entire Northern Territory and 34,000 users. The role included design, implementation and level 3 support for a broad mix of services and technologies including satellite, ATM, frame relay, ISDN, Ethernet and fibre networks with a range of protocols including IP, decnet, IPS/SPX (Novell) and others. The network delivered wide and local area network services to all services of government such as health, education, emergency services, public works departments and others with a small team of only four.

With his entrepreneurship bubbling up and his home in Newcastle calling, Evan decided it was time to start a new technology business and with a phone call to his brother Cameron, Davicom was born. A business specialising in IP networking and security that merged with Forsythes IT in 2012.

Evan’s career chronology shows a technical depth that we are proud to have as a part of our leadership team but also a passion to innovate and create in both business and technology. It’s for these reasons that Evan is responsible for innovation in our business, demanding all of our business units are helping our clients leverage emerging technologies to improve their businesses.

We asked Evan a few questions:

What are you passionate about?

My wife of 20 years, TCP/IP Routing & creating great craft beer (and also drinking it)

What technology or technology area are you most excited about and why?

Two areas:

  • Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD WAN) – By overlaying a secure private and high available WAN on top of any private WAN connections, internet connections or any combination thereof, SD WAN potentially offers a great architecture for highly available and better performing managed private WAN’s (particularly with the trend towards data centre hosting for many services) than previously available with the more traditional MPLS/VPLS model, and also provides a highly flexible architecture, removing the reliance on a single service provider with which business has traditionally had to build their private WAN’s. Business can leverage the best available service(s) for each location and combine the right service for each location into their own managed private WAN.
  • Network Automation – Network automation is particularly exciting behind the scenes and in areas such as large scale and multi-tenant data centre hosting, including our own Forsythes.Cloud environment. Automation allows faster service delivery but more importantly, a more consistent and reliable service delivery outcome as the use of automation scripts and tools enables the consistent application of best practices developed over time.

Ok Evan, slow the propeller down!! So, what you’re saying is that we can now deliver more consistent, reliable and better performing access to business applications at lower cost due to these technologies?

Yep that’s what I said isn’t it!