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SharePoint Solutions

Information management, intranet portals, document and file management, collaboration and internal social networks

SharePoint is a Microsoft platform that offers a range of tools for companies to structure, disperse, manage and update complex database schemas. Gaining increased visibility and organisation of this information allows you to improve collaboration, reduce errors and centralise storage.

SharePoint 2016 allows our team to build websites, intranets and extranets for your company. When handled by experienced professionals, the finalised system acts as a repository for case management and enterprise content management (ECM).

SharePoint includes tools for:

  • Electronic document & records management (EDRM)
  • Business intelligence reporting
  • Electronic forms and workflow
  • Web content management
  • Employee and customer web portals
  • Enterprise-wide document discovery

SharePoint boasts a wide array of features, namely converting information repositories into carefully organised “sites,” which fosters better workflows and collaboration for teams of all sizes.

Even with the best of intentions, it’s easy to end up with a design that doesn’t add up to a single system, but instead is a tangled mess of incompatible instances of local preferences. This quickly becomes so inefficient that a knowledge-based organisation can take years to recover.

To get the most out of SharePoint, you need the design and governance experience of IT consultants who have worked with this solution from the very beginning. Forsythes Technology makes sure you get the best possible design and ongoing support for your new system.

Forsythes Technology SharePoint services include:

  • Consulting - we build our frameworks around strategies and roadmaps to help you realise information architecture based on goals rather than limitations.
  • Implementation - from application development and testing to deployment and training, everything is handled by our team of technicians.
  • Hosting - we host everything your SharePoint solution needs to streamline information storage and collaboration.