Hosted in Forsythes Technology’s private cloud

We provide small and medium-sized businesses with enterprise-level business intelligence

By integrating Attaché’s powerful ERP and the Forsythes.Cloud platform, your business can streamline customer insight, accounting, and payroll.

A solution for all your financial workflows

The Attache BI Solution

Business intelligence (BI) is about using the latest tools in data analytics to uncover trends too complex for human calculation. Whether you want to know the best way to contact a client or the most efficient way to process reimbursements -- Attaché BI has answers.

Attache BI Accounts

With cloud-based accounts management from Forsythes Technology, your team can view financial reports, KPIs, stock availability and much more from any internet-enabled device. Information is
updated in real time and paired with AI-driven insight for increased efficiency.

Attache BI Payroll

If your accounting team has ever complained about the tedium of payroll tasks or the difficulties associated with tax and superannuation legislation, Forsythes Technology can deploy and manage a
Attaché Payroll solution to automate data entry and simplify financial compliance.

Why you should have Forsythes Technology host
and manage your Attaché solutions

Between the Forsythes.Cloud optimisations and our Attaché Gold Partner status, you get unparalleled financial insight.

Every myAttaché solution comes with:



Payroll data is automatically generated and submitted to the proper clearing houses, eliminating a huge portion of the compliance burden.


Uptime guarantee

myAttache comes with an uptime guarantee so you can have confidence that your business critical Attache system is available wherever and whenever you need it.


Multi-site connectivity

If you need to connect departments, locations, or even separate companies to the same Attaché solution, our team can make that happen.


Security optimisations

Accounting departments store a significant amount of sensitive information, but when that data is hosted in our private cloud it is protected and monitored 24/7 by cyber security experts.


Managed Attache Environment

Our team of Attache and IT experts will keep your Attache always updated and running the latest functionality. We’re Attache and Microsoft Gold Partners, so your Attache environment is in good hands.

myAttaché includes benefits for every business,
regardless of size or industry


Sales Growth


Improved Cashflow


Expense Management


Inventory Management


Payroll Efficiency


Debt Reduction