5G is the fastest-growing mobile technology in history and is being adopted four times as quickly as 4G LTE when it was introduced.

As the nationwide 5G rollout continues, more than 12 million Australians and 60 cities and towns across the country now have coverage, and Telstra is aiming to have 75% of the population covered by June 2021.

Wherever you live and work in Australia, the chances are that you now have 5G coverage. And this means a lot more than just faster internet to your phone!

The 5th generation of global wireless technology for mobile and internet services is more efficient, uses less energy and provides far more advanced capabilities over previous generations of mobile technology, with performance gains such as:

  • 10x faster speeds than 4G, with Australia’s 5G download speed recently ranked 5th globally
  • 10x greater device capacity than 4G to handle many more high demand devices at once, such as thousands more Internet of Things (IoT) sensors within the same area
  • Ultra-reliable low latency communications and better edge connectivity than 4G, with benefits ranging from higher quality and more stable audio and video communications, to smart automation of industrial equipment where mission critical communications is required.

To harness this performance, Australian businesses and Government are investing heavily in 5G-related innovation, with amazing possibilities for many sectors of our economy. Here are some examples of innovations that are underway using 5G, which illustrate how production and the delivery of services is set to be transformed, as well as how businesses can practically take advantage of 5G immediately.

Innovation with 5G

5G-Connected Cows

As part of the UK’s 5G Rural First initiative, 5G is being trialled as a way to monitor the health of livestock at the Agri-EPI Centre South West Dairy Development Centre. Cows wear 5G-connected collars that enable the farmer to track each cow’s eating and sleeping patterns, rumination, fertility, and day-to-day health.

This information is visible in real-time, giving assurance that the cows are healthy and behaving normally, or warning if they are getting sick or are pregnant, with this information able to be transmitted on to veterinarians.

Smart Mining Trucks & Excavators

SANY Heavy Industry Co is the world’s 5th largest construction machinery manufacturer. Using autonomous driving technologies in a 5G-covered mining area, SANY has achieved greatly enhanced environment-sensing capabilities of its autonomous mining trucks, with improvements to safety and operational efficiency.

SANY has also successfully tested a 5G remote excavator, controlled by a remote control console, with feedback about the operational environment and panoramic video feeds being provided in real-time.

In-Home Health Monitoring

Back to the UK, the Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care testbed has successfully trialled the use of in-home 5G-connected sensors to monitor conditions that could negatively affect health in homes and aged care facilities. The sensors detect temperature, humidity, audio alarms, power outages, doors and windows opening and alarm buttons, with that information transmitted via a 5G connection to a cloud-based system.

Having early notification of changes in the home environment has allowed care providers to take quick action and prevent health problems from escalating, resulting in a 41% reduction in hospital admissions and a 13% reduction in the number of GP visits.

Sydney’s New 5G Lab

Nokia and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) have announced a five-year partnership to launch a 5G lab at UTS in their Botany-based ‘Tech Lab’. The new lab will be used to live-test 5G use cases around the campus, including applications for IoT and smart cities.

The facility will also serve as a research environment to explore the capabilities of 5G for industrial automation, agriculture and human-robot interactions, as well as ‘Internet of Energy’ applications in smart grid, energy storage and management, and wireless power transfer.

Take Advantage of 5G Now

A common scenario right now for many of our business customers is the need to setup at new premises or a temporary office at short notice.

While waiting for an NBN link at the new location, which can take months where it’s a previously unconnected site, we’re now able to offer 5G as a more-than-adequate interim primary connection. Compared with 4G in this application, the performance of 5G is a game changer.

Taking advantage of 5G in this type of scenario is fast and straightforward, such as with the following world-class 5G solutions that we offer to business and enterprise customers.

Mobile 5G Hotspot

For a dedicated 5G hotspot, we recommend Telstra’s ‘5G Wi-Fi Pro’. It can support up to 30 devices simultaneously and operate on the go with 9 hours’ battery life. It’s also ‘future-proofed’ with support for next-gen mmWave 5G.

Contact our mobiles support team if you’d like more information.

5G Enterprise Modem

For a 5G enterprise modem that’s viable as a branch office’s primary internet connection or as network redundancy for a large office, we recommend Cradlepoint’s NetCloud solution. Powered by Telstra’s 5G network and Enterprise Wireless service, NetCloud offers 5G adaptors and 5G-optimised routers engineered to deliver enterprise-grade speed, security, reliability and manageability. For more information, contact our networks team.

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